mayo 25, 2009


Golden 2 years..
Vamos a desearle suerte a la prima que van a pedir en matrimonio esta noche. Andrea no puede dejar de verla; en tacones altos, vestido negro ajustado, perfectamente maquillada y peinada, parece una verdadera modelo. Su mamá le explica que es hora de irnos porque ya va a llegar el novio, y salimos las dos tomadas de la mano. Al salir, todavia admirada, me voltea a ver, en viernes por la noche, en chanclas, el pantalón más aguado del mundo, camisa del trabajo, cero pintura y cabello revoloteado... arruga su nariz como cuando tiene duda y me dice : "Nina, y tú que vash a hacher"?
Primer semana de "kinder".
Gorda preciosa, que hiciste hoy en el kinder? - trabajitos-
Y quien de tus amiguitos estaba ahi? - Rorigo-
En serio? Y Rodrigo qué hizo? .... mmm... popó...
Andrea: Mami, dónde está mi papi?
Mamá: Está con sus amigos mi amor, está con Javier...
Andrea: ... Gándara?

mayo 07, 2009

30 GOING..... 30?

I just found a Friend's DVD yesterday.. I luv Friends. One of the chapters is the one when all turn 30, I laughed and laughed... until I realize, I'm turning 30 this year!!
It totally hit me. Such a symbolic age, that point where all your life has to be decided, and you have to choose between "happily ever after" and "not so happy-kind of bitter-totally looser forever"... amen. Well I quite haven't made up my mind yet, thank God I still have a few months more to decide... What I do know is that I have been me for thirty long-short years, and this is who I have been so far:
1.- Aside from an ex boyfriend and my current bosses nobody calls me by my name. I have several nicknames; some friends and my dad call me Gorda (he used to call me "zurda")
2.- I totally suck at ironing clothes.
3.- Since I was very little I've had this odd (and surprisingly not scary) feeling that I'm going to die young.
4.- I consider myself 100% addicted to coffee, lip balms and massages.
5.- Sometimes when I re-read what I have written here I cannot believe how corny and intense I sound, although some people actually enjoy, whip and laugh at my posts (so I've heard...).
6.- I was a really shy and nerdy type of kid... until junior high came.
7.- I'm scared of flying
8.- My granpa was one of the most admirable, honest and righteous human beigns I have ever know. Sometimes I regret that some special people in my life did not got the chance to meet him
9.- When I was a teenager I became obsessed with the album "Pablo Honey" and tried to write (unsuccesfully I bet) the "Creep" lyrics in my History notebook.
10.- Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day
11.- I have never watched any of the Godfather's movies.. and frankly do not plan to.
12.- I do not like bannanas, politics or waiting
13.- People compliment me on different parts of my body, but I happen to like my shoulders (and would love to have freckles on them!)
14.- I totally enjoy cooking and trying new things, but food does not taste the same when I cook it just for myself.
15.- I used to sleep-walk when I was little and one time I got of the house in the middle of the night. (Age: 4)
16.- When I was little, my dad used to play "Come together" and "Rhapsody in Blue" in the car all the time when we traveled... now I like both songs a lot.
17.- The last time I played a videogame of any kind I think I was 12
18.- I do believe Disneyland is the happiest place in the world
19.- I have dyed my hair: black black, blueish black, dark blonde, light blonde, red and burgundy... and my natural color is brown.
20.- I have been always a "nothing is impossible" type of person, and I really struggle when I have to give up on something / somebody.
21.- I'm crazy about my nieces Andrea, Sofia and my godson Luisito and yes I believe they are the cuttiest babies in the planet.
22.- I have a really hard time getting out of bed everyday
23.- There has only been 1 tv in my house all my life, and several days can pass without anyone turning it on.
24.- I cannot stand people who: have bad manners, lie to me, are mean to others or hate dogs
25.- I have never been able to finish the sentence "I see myself 10 years from now doing..." and sometimes that stresses me out.
26.- Lots of people have told me they've seen me singing in my car in the streets while driving... guilty as charged
27.- I used to believe that 100% honesty was the best policy, but life has thaught me that sometimes ignorance is a bliss, and this learning costed me tears and bruises...
28.- The more that I grow up the more I believe there are not rules to love, however I don't think anyone can truly live happily without it.
29.- No matter how upset I am, it takes a bite of dark chocolate to make me smile again...
30.- If anyone could tell the "little me" from the past that this is how her life would be, she wouldn't believe it... I know I still can't...