junio 01, 2010


I've always been curious... since I was a little girl, I used to ask all sorts of questions wanting to find the ultimate truth on how stuff worked, so I tortured my parents and older sisters with questions like: Why is the sky blue? Where does the moon go when the day has come? How come my kindergarten friend does not have a dad? If Santa comes down the chimney, will I get my presents even if we don't have one? How are babies born? And so on...

Other things that would amaze me were the kaleidoscopes and the holograms... How come I could see so many different figures in one tiny tube? How come the dog drawn on my sticker would run when I moved the sticker around? Did they make a tiny little dog and stamped it on the sticker? How come that moves?!?! Seriously! I was just impressed.

Of course I grew up and realized that the sky is blue due to light's reflection, the moon does not go away, my kindergarten friend does have a dad but he was just the stupid jerk who left his mom while she was still pregnant, Santa does not exist (REALLY I know... I am shocked!) and even though it might be extremely painful to go through labor to bring babies to the world it is very VERY fun to make them and I am sure that it is very satisfying once you have them (or it could be the other way around too).

I found out that kaleidoscopes are just a bunch of mirrors that multiply the items in the middle and that holograms are just a flat sticker with different overlapped photographs that when seen under certain light it will create the allusion that the object it's moving... No, there is no doggie there either!!!!!!! (I am quite shocked too!!!!).

Anyway, I've been experiencing different things lately and I had the epiphany that people behave just like holograms. They look one way under one light but under another one could be something completely different. Sometimes it's better but sometimes not and I reaaaaaaaaaaaaally hate when the second one happens.

Once you see people under different light, the image is not as good as the one you had and you realize that it is very hard to move that hologram back to its original position. It feels like the perfect lighting has gone and there are no additional spots or lamps that you could use to fix the problem.

I was very impressed, like the little girl who notices that her cute Gizmo turned into a creepy Gremlin. That's just wrong... even when she tried to throw that sticker away, the stupid hologram sticker got stuck to her fingers over and over again.

I have many hologram stickers but now I wish that some of them were plain, regular, boring, lame, simple stickers, that way I would know since the beginning that the creepy Gremlin is the one that is printed on it. I could dispose the sticker right away... or at least... I would like to find the way to go back into that perfect spot where the light could show my cute Gizmo once again.